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Lifting weights has some some serious benefits: It increases lean muscle mass, which boosts metabolism and helps torch calories and shed stubborn fat.

It also improves the quality of your sleep, wards off back pain, and protects you from disease.
Despite all this, many women dodge the dumbbells at the gym - in fact, only 20 percent of ladies entering the gym does strength training!
It may be that the rest are misguided, feel intimidated, or are just plain avoiding it!
However with the right support from our trained Personal Trainers and guidance - the payoff of pumping iron and weights will only result in a Leaner and Sexier You!
Faris has been a real help to me in maintaining my hourglass figure.

Since I'm an air stewardess I need to maintain a healthy BMI and also need to fit perfectly into my tight kebaya.

His training methods are the real reason behind my toned figures.

I have lost inches in my waist and hips, my thighs are more toned and firm.

And most of all my buttocks and tummy are now more firm and hard.

Apart from that he is cute, handsome and humorous so that makes the whole training fun and you are always looking forward to it.

Personal Training Program for Women Singapore

SQ Air Stewardess

This testimonial is for Faris.

I was desperate on getting my body toned for my holidays at Maldives as so I can put on my bikinis.

But it came to my dissatisfaction when I tried wearing my old bikini as it was tight and my hips, thigh and tummy looked kind of Fat.

So I tried running and working out at my condo gym.

After 2 weeks of trying my effort have diminished as no results seems to show.

Till one day I saw a Trainer (Faris) training one of the residents.

I approached him for help regarding my issues and began training with him.To my disbelief after the 3rd sessions I began to feel the firmness of my arms, thigh and abs.

Not only only I have reduced inches of my thigh and hips, my body now looks curvy and toned.

I would highly recommend any ladies out there who wish to go on beach holidays engage Faris to transform a new you.

Fitness Training Singapore Women
Hence we ensure every program involves:
Individually customized routines with your trainer for specific goals, never repeating the same workouts
Exercises for the days you’re not with your trainer or “non-trainer” day routines
Free Nutrition tracking, guidance, and support

Free Monthly Results tracking: body fat, weight, measurements, fitness improvements




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  Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Training
Whether this is your first pregnancy or you're already a mummy, I can help you with prenatal weight gain, postnatal weight loss, abdominal separation, pain management and pelvic floor strengthening.

Fitness Programs For Women


After my first pregnancy I gained almost 10kg, I was depressed at not getting back to my usual figure.

So I sought up to internet video training but wasn’t getting enough motivation and resulted to take up personal training at Mega fitness centres.

I didn’t get the most attention as I wanted as the trainers there have back to back clients and couldn’t put more focus on me.

Results seems harder to get when you don’t have the attention of your trainers.

Tired of being push for their sales approach and lack of attention...

I went to search for an experienced and proven trainer on the Net.

I came across Faris training program and the new chapter of my life begins. I lost 10kg in 8 weeks from the training and nutrition programme.

I am now more fitter, toned and I am more aware what to eat from their nutritional advice.

Thank You! Team Need For Fit for the attention, motivation and push throughout the whole transformation.

--Ira, Program Executive
27 Years Old, Mother of One


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Our Happy Testimonials:

 "I am a regular in the Police Force. Previously i had a trainer but i wasn’t satisfied with the result and the information that he provide me.

I tried to engage Faris before but due to his tight schedule, i was allocated to another trainer.

But I manage to get hold of him in his Facebook. Finally, I am glad to be under his guidance. The results were proven and I began to see changes in just 3 months under him.

I am planning to engage him permanently from now on as i couldn’t achieve what i want on my own." - Kama

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